• International cultural relations, Intercultural cooperation

  • Culture of remembrance, History in museums

  • Exhibitions, War commemoration

Welcome to my website. This is about

Museum, history, and international cultural relations

My professional involvement is moving between museum and science, the Russian-speaking parts of the world (especially Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) and Germany, culture and management. My publications, exhibitions, seminars, and lectures combine different disciplines, working methods, languages, and cultures. Communication and networking – these are keywords for me personally and for my work.

Six keywords provide information about my work and projects (further information available only in German):

About me

  • since October 2023 Bundeswehr Centre of Military History and Social Sciences
    (Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr)
  • 2020-2023 Director of exhibitions, collections, and research of the Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr
  • 2008-2020 freelance work as a historian, curator, museum consultant, cultural mediator with a focus on Russia, Belarus and the post-Soviet region
  • 2006-2008 Director of the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst (Site of the unconditional surrender on May 8, 1945)
  • Curating and taking part in exhibitions at international museums, including the German Historical Museum, the Allied Museum, the Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr in Gatow, the Baden State Museum, the Memorium Nuremberg, the Swiss National Museum, the Metropolitan Museum New York and museums in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
  • Main areas of work and publications on:
    Politics of history, culture of remembrance
    Museum studies, intercultural communication
    German-Russian/Belarusian cultural exchange
    Presentation of war in museums, exhibition, and museum management
  • Advisor to the History workshop in Minsk and cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Belarus to establish a Jewish Museum in Belarus

An overview of my publications in different languages ​​can be found here.

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